Human Geography

Human Geography

The Human Geography Pathway is offered at Durham, Newcastle and Queen’s University Belfast.

The Human Geography training pathway is offered at Newcastle University via the School of Geography, Politics & Sociology, at Queen’s University Belfast via the School of the Natural and Built Environment, and at Durham University via the Department of Geography.

Across all three institutions, students following the Human Geography pathway engage with research which is conceptually rooted, theoretically innovative and empirically rigorous. In all three, our research has research-user impacts, and we have significant global academic impact as well.
Across all three institutions, opportunities exist for PhD research training and to conduct research across a wide range of human geography fields, including political, economic, social and cultural geography. Please consult the webpages for each institution to find out more about our respective areas of expertise in human geography.

Students applying to this pathway on a 1+3 basis receive Masters-level research training via one of the following programmes:
• Newcastle University: MA Human Geography (Research); MA Local and Regional Development (Research)
• Durham University: MA Geography (Research Methods)
• Queen’s University Belfast: MRes in Social Sciences Research Methods
Each of these programmes combines core geography-specific research training with more generic training in research skills, methodologies and theories. Students awarded 1+3 funding can then proceed to their PhD on completion of their MA, at the same institution.

Students already holding a recognised geography research training qualification at MA level, and those with some Masters-level research training, are eligible to apply for funding on a +3 or +3.5 basis. For these applicants, further research training is available and is undertaken in conjunction with their primary research on their PhD topic.

Supervision for PhD projects can either be delivered entirely within one of the three Human Geography pathway institutions, or can draw on expertise available across the pathway.

If you are interested in submitting an application to any of the three Human Geography pathway partners, please contact the named person below for the university that you’re interested in joining.