Nick Walton: How local is your community pharmacy? A mixed-methods study exploring the compositional and contextual factors influencing community pharmacy use in the North of England”

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I am currently doing a ESRC funded NEDTC PhD as part of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University. This mixed-methods research project will draw together Public Health, Pharmacy & Health Economics. The overarching  focus of this project is to assess inequalities in pharmacy utilisation in a UK context, i.e. whether utilisation metrics vary according to levels of deprivation. My background lies in Economics (MA, University of Glasgow); Economic Development (MSc, University of Glasgow); and Environmental Hazards & Risk Management (MSc, Durham University). This reflects my belief that an interdisciplinary approach is necessary to tackle social deprivation, health inequalities and ultimately the global challenges to development. 
As a research assistant for the Centre for Health and Inequalities Research (CHIR), University of Durham, I was involved in numerous projects, including: analysing the inequalities of opioid use in England, community pharmacy access, 20 mph school safety mixed methods evaluation, systematic review of community pharmacy delivered CBT intervention, systematic review of community pharmacy delivered public health interventions and Wellbeing for Life mixed methods evaluation. For the Wellbeing for Life evaluation I carried out a value for money analysis based on Graham Lister’s ‘Ready Reckoner’, the findings of which I will be presenting at the European Public Health Conference, 2017.