Training, Development & Employability


The objective of Training, Development & Employability (TD&E ) is not only crucial for determining current and future development needs, but also for documenting where students may have already achieved the learning outcomes of a competent social science researcher via previous learning or experience.

Our TD&E committee group achieve this by assessing training and development delivery, monitoring the identification of student needs through the Development Needs Analysis (DNA) and analysing the broader student experience across the lifetime of the studentship.

The committee group is chaired by the NINE DTP Training Director and supported by specialist advisors from internal and external areas.

Development Needs Analysis (DNA)

DNA is fundamental to achieving flexible and responsive doctoral training and a more
bespoke student experience. NINE DTP students benefit from a tailored DNA experience, that
allows for specific training needs, learning outcomes and Research in Practice elements to be
clearly defined.

At the outset of the PhD, the DNA is used to inform the structure of
funding that is appropriate for each student, taking account of prior knowledge and
experience and at a minimum we expect this to be reviewed annually.

Linking to employability provision

Comprising a suite of options aimed at developing students’ skills in a
number of core areas relating to employability including:

• Ability to apply research skills in different research contexts
• Ability to collaborate across sectoral and disciplinary boundaries
• Communication with impact, developing networks, entrepreneurship and leadership skills
• Ability to proactively engage in their own personal development and career direction