The deadline for applications
for funding in 2021-22 is
20 January 2023.

Submit your application to
your department
in advance of this deadline.

All candidates for ESRC funding should apply directly to the University of their choosing, in accordance with the rules and regulations of that institution.

Candidates should familiarise themselves with institutional practice, guidelines and deadlines to ensure that their application to the University is registered in a timely and effective manner. Please note that eligibility for ESRC funding does not guarantee that a candidate is eligible for a place in University; you should ensure you meet all requirements to take up a position within the institution in advance of submitting your application. We strongly advise that candidates identify and make contact with an academic at the earliest opportunity who is able to supervise the proposed research. Prospective supervisors are able to advise on eligibility, writing the research proposal and applying for funding.

To apply for an NINE ESRC studentship, you will need to submit the following documents, some of which are beyond the usual institutional requirements for applicants:

1 The Institutional Postgraduate Application Form/Process
This should include your research proposal, which must not exceed 2,000 words (including footnotes, but excluding bibliographies).
If a proposal exceeds this maximum length of 2,000 words it will not be considered.

2 A Current CV
Maximum: 2 pages


3Two References

Applications should be supported by two references. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure references are submitted at the time of the application.


Applications should include the full transcripts of your previous qualifications obtained to date

5Consent form

NINE DTP requires your consent for us to process your data. A signed copy of the form should be submitted either with your university application, or directly to your supervisor.

6Equal Opportunities Monitioring Form

NINE DTP asks that all students considering applying for NINE DTP funding should complete an equal opportunities monitoring form (downloadable via this webpage), and submit it separately to their intended department in advance of the deadline for applications.The information provided will not inform the outcomes of the competition, and will be proceesed separately.

Full guidelines

Download a copy of the NINE DTP Annual Studentship Competition Guidelines

Guidelines (pdf)

Consent Form

Download a copy of the NINE DTP consent form

Consent Form

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

If you are submitting an application for NINE DTP funding, please download and complete the attached and submit it to your department ahead of the 20 January Application Deadline

Equal Opportunities Form

The Benefits of ESRC Funding

Find out more about ESRC funding, and how it will benefit you

Action for Equality Studentships

Find out more about our scheme targeting under-represented groups

Candidates should note that all studentships will be issued and managed in accordance with the UKRI and ESRC funding guidelines, in conjunction with local institutional policies.

We recommend candidates and supervisors familiarise themselves with the guidelines in advance of applying for funding.

ESRC Postgraudate Funding Guidelines

All candidates need the explicit support of their proposed supervisory team, who will need to complete the NINE DTP Nomination form for their candidate to be considered for funding. Supervisors and the candidates should try to ensure that the nomination form is completed on the deadline day; the supervisor will then submit the completed nomination form to their department.

The final panel to award studentships will be held in March of each year. Successful candidates will then be notified of their award. Some candidates will be placed on a reserve list and may be offered a studentship at a later date if circumstances or situations permit.

Applying for funding?

Your supervisor will need to submit a NINE DTP Nomination form.