NINE DTP is a collaborative partnership that operates in accordance with our guiding principles of engagement, participation, partnership and accountability.

Our governance structures ensure NINE DTP is managed in accordance with the needs of the partner institutions and our constituent members.

The NINE DTP Management Board


The NINE DTP Management Board is responsible for the governance of the Doctoral Training Partnership, and bears responsibility for ensuring the partnership is managed in accordance with the ESRC, and institutional regulations and guidelines. The Management Board comprises of a senior member of academic staff from each constituent institution, with support from the DTP Manager.
The Board is chaired by Professor Philip Steinberg, the lead Director of NINE.

Professor Anth Lloyd

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Joanne Brayson

DTP Manager

Strategic Oversight Committee

The Strategic Oversight Committee receives reports from the NINE DTP Director and Manager relating to the performance of the DTP  in relation to NINE and ESRC strategic targets.

The Strategic Oversight Committee reports to University and Faculty Executive Boards in each partner institution.

The Committee comprises representatives from each University at PVC Research or Head of Faculty level.

Academic Quality Committee

The Academic Quality Committee (AQC) provides the operational and strategic leadership of the DTP, and the foundation for inclusive governance.

The Committee comprises the Management Board, our Training Pathway Directors and student representatives from each year.

Student Innovation Forum

The Student Innovation Forum is a student driven forum. It provides the mechanism for electing student representatives who will attend the Academic Quality Committee.

The SIF also hosts the annual Innovation Competition in which students can bid for monies to fund interdisciplinary training events.

Training Group

The Training Group assesses training delivery across the DTP. It monitors and identifies student needs, and the broader student experience across the lifetime of the studentship.

Studentships Committee

The Studentship Committee manages the annual NINE open competition for studentship awards. The committee reports to the Strategic Oversight committee, and the Academic Quality Committee.

The Studentships Committee comprises the NINE DTP Management Board, with at least four external reviewers appointed on an annual basis. The Committee is chaired by the NINE Director.

Strategic Partners Forum

The Strategic Partners Forum provides external guidance for institutional PGR strategy, methodological innovations and skills needs in the research community. It will facilitate, encourage and enable knowledge exchange opportunities.

The Forum comprises of the NINE Management Board and a selection of external members.

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