Victoria J E Jones “Spaces of Paused Mobility: A Sensory Geography of Waiting Rooms”

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In a consumer society where wants and needs may be instantly fulfilled, waiting for anything seems increasingly like an anachronism. And yet whether in relation to flows of people or things, or the work of bureaucracies, spaces of waiting proliferate and are integral to how our society of connections and circulations functions. This study seeks to understand how the under explored process of waiting can be mapped and understood as an emotional, bodily and material experience within a society that increasingly deems the act of waiting as outmoded.

Publications (selected)
Jones, VJE. 2017. Smell the City: A Participatory Art Installation. In: Henshaw, V. Medway, D. McClean, K, Perkins, C. Warnaby, G (eds) Designing with Smell: Practices, Techniques And Challenges, Routledge: New York. pp. 9-18.

Conference Papers (selected)
Jones, VJE. 2019. Moments of Collective Delight: A Paper of Two Halves Plus Extra Time. Presented at: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London. 28 August 2019.

Brigstocke, J and Jones, VJE. 2018. Harena: Sand, Suspension, and Aesthetics. Presented at: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference Cardiff University, Cardiff. 31 August 2018.

Jones, VJE. 2015. In Search of Vibrant Matter: A Polar Exploration. Presented at: Third Annual Land2/ PLaCE , International Postgraduate Event Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art & Design, Dundee. 30 January 2015.

Jones,VJE. 2014 Smell The City a Participatory Narrative: or Eight Lumps of Lard Down the Pub. Presented at: Design Practices and Principles. University of British Colombia, Vancouver. 16 January 2014.

Commissions (selected)
2018. Creating Earth Futures Commission, Geo-Humanities Department, Royal Holloway University, Leverhulme funded.