Doctoral Training in Social Sciences in the North East and Northern Ireland

NINE DTP is an exciting new collaboration between seven universities producing world-class research across the full range of social science disciplines. NINE DTP builds upon the previous North East Doctoral Training Centre.

NINE provides an opportunity for you to be part of a community of academic excellence which is shaping the global future of social sciences while engaging with the challenges in our local communities.

High quality


More than
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    Tuition Fees Paid

    NINE DTP studentships cover the cost of Masters and Doctoral studies

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    Tax-free Maintenance Grant

    NINE DTP studentships include a tax-free stipend at the standard ESRC rate (currently £14,296)

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    Research Support and Overseas Fieldwork

    NINE DTP Studentships include funding for research training support, overseas fieldwork and other activities

How to Apply

The studentship competition for students starting in October 2017 is now open for applications.

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NINE DTP offers studentships in the following single-discipline and interdisciplinary training pathways:

Single-discipline Pathways

Interdisciplinary Pathways

  • Anthropology
  • Economic & Social History
  • Education
  • Environmental Planning
  • Human Geography
  • Language Based Area Studies
  • Law and Society
  • Linguistics
  • Management, Business and Economics
  • Politics & International Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology, Social Policy, and Social Work
  • Children Youth and Families
  • Conflict Security and Justice
  • Health Well-Being and Society
  • Media and Society