Doctoral Training in the
North East and Northern Ireland


NINE DTP (the Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Partnership) is a collaborative partnership between seven Universities which is dedicated to providing and promoting excellence in social science postgraduate training and research.

Funded by the ESRC, the partnership draws upon the collective skills and resources of our seven partner institutions to deliver outstanding training, supervision and support to Doctoral candidates across the full disciplinary range of the social sciences.

NINE DTP is committed to creating a vibrant, creative and collegial environment in which our students can develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to meet the challenges of the 21st century research environment. To deliver an excellent doctoral training experience to our postgraduate community, we are committed to the following aims:

We are committed to creating a collegial, creative and supportive environment in which our students can conduct dynamic and innovative research. Through the provision of outstanding training and supervision, we will enable our students to produce transformative research capable of shaping knowledge and influencing public and private sector policy and practice.
NINE DTP is committed to recruiting high calibre students via an open, rigorous and fair competition.

We are firmly committed to the principles of widening participation and equality, and ensuring that our studentships are awarded purely on the merit of the application. We encourage applications from all eligible candidates.

NINE DTP is committed to delivering high quality advanced training opportunities to our students.

Through a rich and diverse offering of training events, courses and developmental opportunities across our seven Universities, we will seek to enrich our students’ experience, and assist in their development as future leaders of social science research and activity.

Through the provision of Research Training Support Grants, Overseas Fieldwork monies, and the opportunity to engage in overseas visits, internships and placements, students can take advantage of a wealth of opportunities to create a truly unique experience.
We are committed to encouraging inter- and multi-disciplinary training, events and research, and providing opportunities for all students to engage with a wide range of research and researchers.
NINE DTP is committed to providing training of benefit the wider postgraduate research community. Whilst preference will be given to NINE DTP students, our training courses and events are open to the wider postgraduate community wherever possible, both to those students within our partner institutions and UK-based postgraduates.
We are committed to enabling knowledge exchange and partnerships with external agencies and bodies, whether in the form of academic institutions, charitable foundations or organisations, policy bodies, governmental agencies, or partners in business and industry.
Teesside University

NINE DTP is constantly looking to engage in a dialogue with our students and partners, improving and developing our services to deliver on our aim of producing world-class research and researchers. If you have any questions, comments, or if you are interested in applying for an ESRC studentship across our partner institutions, then please – contact us!