Ludovico Rella: “The Participatory Cultures of Digital Monetary and Financial Space”

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My research focuses on money digitization through blockchain technologies, and I am supervised by Paul Langley and Ben Anderson in Durham University, and by James Ash in Newcastle University. This growing field of technological innovations enables the decentralized management of payments and the introduction of alternative means of payment and representations of value in the form of cryptocurrencies. The project aims to unpack the processes of proliferation, speculation, and interoperability across blockchain platforms and infrastructures to understand their impact on how power is exerted over money, how value is negotiated, accumulated and circulated, and which economic subjectivities are summoned and maintained. It combines insight from Economic Geography and Science and Technology Studies of Infrastructures and Interfaces.

Previous Education and Experience:

I studied my bachelor in International Studies in Florence, Italy, and my Master in Global Studies in Lund, Sweden. During my Master, I undertook an internship in the “Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance” research group at the Centre for Intercultural and International Studies in Bremen, Germany.