Tom Albrecht: “Interdependencies of Christian eschatology and global environmental change in American Evangelicalism: an analysis of eschatological discourses (1990-2016)”

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  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Human Geography


My research explores the relationship between Christian eschatology and global environmental change in the United States and asks how American evangelicalism embeds environmentalism, environmental politics, and climate science into its religious beliefs and practices through eschatology. The term eschatology describes theologies relating to the final events in history and the biblical End-Times.
Furthermore, I want to identify reasons for the promotion or rejection of environmentalism by religious institutions and analyse the interplay of social, economic, political and eschatological narratives in American evangelical environmental discourses. While eschatological beliefs exist to varying extends in all Christian movements, different and partially contrasting eschatological beliefs are of particular relevance in the diverse movement of American evangelicalism.

Research Interests:
• Religion & Environment
• American Evangelical Geopolitics
• Geopolitics of Climate Change
• Post-Truth, Conspiracism and Climate Change

Academic Career:
• MA Human Geography: Society, Space and Culture (2017 / Queen’s University Belfast)
• MSc Geography: Resource Analysis and Resource Management (2017 / University of Göttingen)
• BSc Geography (2014 / University of Göttingen)