The NINE DTP Nomination Process: A Supervisors Guide The NINE DTP 2024-25
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Nomination Form

Download a copy of the NINE DTP Nomination Form

Nomination Form

Consent Form

The DTP requires the consent of the candidate to process their data

Consent Form

Equal Opportunities

Candidates to complete online form and insert code in to nomination form

EOM Form

Nomination Guidelines

Download the Nomination Guidelines and competition marking scheme


Action for Equality Scheme

Download the guidance for the AforE Scheme for UK-domiciled Black, Asian, or mixed Black or Asian heritage candidates

AforE Scheme

Pathway information

Supplementary Information for Pathway Leads and Directors

The Nomination Process

NINE DTP run a single recruitment call every academic year.

The actual number of studentships awarded each year may fluctuate based upon levels of matched funding; however, we anticipate offering between 50-55 studentships across the partnership each year.

Once you are satisfied that a candidate meets the eligibility requirements for funding, you can proceed with the nomination process.

Supervisors are required to complete and submit a nomination form. This form will include details of the student's research proposal, their qualifications and educational background, and any collaborative element of the proposal. The Supervisor will then need to complete sections on the form relating to the supervisory fit and research environment, as well as proposed Masters training (if applicable). Please note, the Supervisory element of the proposal accounts for at least 25% of the final mark, so supervisors should try to ensure that the case made is strong, and specific to the candidate in question. A generic answer may disadvantage an applicant.

Once the form has been completed, it should be submitted to the appropriate Pathway (note, students can be submitted to a single pathway only). The Pathway Leads will review all nominations, and will then proceed to submit successful candidates to the Studentship Committee.

The number of nominations each Pathway can submit is demand managed by NINE DTP.

The number of standard nominations that Pathways can put forward will be capped; however, nominations for collaborative, data skills, advanced quantitative methods or cross-council applications are not limited by the demand management arrangements and Pathways are free to nominate as many steered nominations as they wish. Pathways may also exceed their quota for candidates being nominated for the Action for Equality competition.

Find out more about each element of the process:


7 November 2023: Competition open

The NINE DTP nomination form will be made available each autumn, signalling the commencement of NINE DTP recruitment.

22 January 2024: Application Deadline

All candidate applications must be submitted to Departments in advance of this date to be considered for ESRC DTP funding.

12 February 2024: Pathway Deadline

All Departments must submit their selected applicants to the relevant Pathway in advance of this deadline.
Complete documentation (including research proposal, nomination form, references, transcripts and consent form) is required at this stage of the competition.

26 February 2024: Nomination Deadline

All Pathways must submit their final nominations to the Studentship committee in advance of this deadline.

26 March 2024: Studentship Committee

The Studentship Committee will meet in late March; candidates will be informed of the outcome of the competition shortly thereafter.

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UKRI Guidelines