Daniel Jones: “Geographies of Impulse: A Study of Individuals with Tourettes Syndrome and the Embodied Experience of Public Space”

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Daniel is a PhD candidate in Human Geography whose research explores the embodied experience of public space, specifically for those with Tourettes Syndrome. Partnering with educational charity TIC-Hull, his methodological approach is collaborative and participant-led in nature, implementing creative and ethnographic practices such as journaling, painting, and ‘zine-ing’ to share tourettic narratives and experiences of public space .

Daniel holds an MArts degree in Cultural Geography (Research) from Royal Holloway University of London, and has been an activist and facilitator within the UK tourettic community for many years, with his work including the facilitation of online safe-space forums, educational guest speaking and mentorship. He also works as a multi-disciplinary creative practitioner, with his work spanning the fine and the performing arts, with recent work including ‘KLAZO’.