Dr Stephen Burrell

In Fellows by General Account

NINE DTP Postdoctoral Fellow: 2019-20

Project Description:

Stephen is undertaking an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship which builds on his PhD research about work with men and boys to prevent men’s violence against women in England. The main focus of Stephen’s fellowship is around engaging specifically with the business sector about this research and exploring the role that businesses can play in the prevention of violence against women, including through promoting gender equality and challenging dominant gender norms.

The project involves a small amount of new qualitative research through interviews and focus groups within case study businesses, to investigate how individual and organisational change can effectively be cultivated by engaging with men to tackle sexism and misogyny within the workplace and beyond. Through the fellowship, Stephen aims to produce impactful new publications for both academic and wider audiences, strengthen his connections and collaborations with organisations, practitioners, policymakers and scholars in the violence prevention field in the UK and internationally, and continue developing his broader academic experience and skills. He is creating a website about the role that men and boys can play in building gender equality and ending violence against women to help share research by himself and others in this area at www.menspeakingout.co.uk.