Yuanya Zhang: “Chinese rural students’ digital engagement in relation to their schooling experiences”

In Students by General Account

PhD Research:

My research focuses on rural middle school students’ engagement with social media platforms in relation to their schooling experiences, with a focus on “school-disengaged” students. These “school-disengaged” students, who usually have low academic achievements, tend to be more engaged with social media compared to their “well-performed” peers. Using ethnography combined with both online and offline methods, this research aims to understand the role of social media content production in the experiences of “school-disengaged” students in rural China. I hope to make original contribution to knowledge about this marginalized group and how they can be better supported.

Academic Background:

  • BA Media and Communication (City University of Hong Kong)
  • MA Education and Technology (University College London)

Research Interests:

  • Teenagers and social media
  • Researching children and young people
  • Ethnography in schools & digital ethnography
  • Middle-school education
  • Rural-urban inequalities
  • China studies

Personal narrative about being a first-gen scholar: https://journals.calstate.edu/textandtype/article/view/3527