Jasmine Warburton: “Tyneside Vowel Mergers in Speech Production and Perception”

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My research examines sociolinguistic variation in the production and perception of vowel mergers found in Tyneside English, notably the mergers of BOAT-BOUGHT and NURSE-NORTH. It investigates the ways in which sound changes affect not only the ways in which speakers pronounce certain forms, but also the ways in which they perceive them. As previous research has found that people often lack an accurate awareness of their own pronunciations (Frieda et al. 2000), the intention of my research is to assess whether shifts in production and perception, in cases of sound change, occur simultaneously or at differing rates.

Conference Presentations:

Warburton, J. 2017. Intra-regional Variation in North East England. Poster presentation at UKLVC, University of Cardiff, 29th August.

Warburton, J. 2017. ‘Fronting in the T[u:]n? Evidence of /u/-fronting in North East England’. Manchester Forum in Linguistics. University of Manchester, 29th April.

Warburton, J. and D. Turton. 2017. ‘Reanalysis of Tyneside linking /r/: are younger speakers reversing the trend toward word-level deletion?’. Poster presentation at 4th International Workshop on sound Change, University of Edinburgh, 22nd April.

Warburton, J. 2017. ‘Fronting in the T[u:]n? Evidence of /u/-fronting in North East England’. 12th Newcastle-upon-Tyne Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics. Newcastle University, 31st March.