Sophie Anderson: “Can improving the academic ‘buoyancy’ of secondary school students lead to improved school attendance?”

In Students by jvnf65


The project will examine patterns of school attendance, isolating those determinants which are malleable and the responsibility of schools, while identifying social, familial and other determinants as well. There will be an emphasis on disadvantaged pupils, such as those eligible for free school meals (FSM). This analysis will provide a sampling frame, and an estimate of how much difference schools might make. The project will also involve a systematic review of evidence on academic ‘buoyancy’ and similar constructs such as ‘resilience’ to identify the most promising format for a school intervention to increase buoyancy. This intervention will be piloted and then evaluated in practice to identify whether it leads to improved school attendance. In turn, this may also positively impact other vital aspects of student life, such as their mental health and wellbeing and attainment potential.