Nafisa Insan: “Maternal Depression in Rural Bangladesh: A mixed methods exploration of the social determinants and their role in delivery and uptake of mental healthcare”

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My project, a collaboration with Maternal Aid Association charity in London, focuses on the neglected issue of mental health in pregnant women in rural Bangladesh.

My research will explore the social determinants of maternal depression and social perspectives of depression in rural Bangladesh and how these impact the uptake and delivery of mental healthcare. Mental health is a very neglected topic in my population of interest, therefore, my project will inform development of ways to increase awareness within Bangladeshi pregnant women and aid the understanding of the extent of this issue. As part of this research, I aim to undergo field work in rural Bangladesh as part of Maternal Aid Association health campaign trips.

This project links with my Masters dissertation on Maternal mental health and BMI in South Asian women and highlights my interests in maternal and mental health, two topics which require more attention within South Asian groups.