Josie Tulip: “Promoting school readiness in children at risk through language interventions: an exploration of how and why child, family and social factors influence response to language interventions and school readiness outcomes”

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I have completed a BSc in Psychology (achieving 1:1) at York St John University and a MSc in Development, Disorders and Clinical Practice (achieving distinction) at York University.

In addition to my education, I have over 3 years research experience working in language development and disorders. I am currently working as a research associate for projects headed by Dr Cristina McKean, Dr Helen Stringer and Professor James Law at Newcastle University, which are:

– COST IS1406: ‘Enhancing children’s oral language skills across Europe and beyond – a collaboration focusing on interventions for children with difficulties learning their first language’

– Improving school readiness of children at risk of speech and language difficulties in areas of low SES

– Enhancing communication environments in primary school classrooms in the North East