Jordan Leinster: “Analysing the Legal Implications of Cross-Border Data Collection and Usage Within Connected and Autonomous Vehicles on the Island of Ireland: Selling Safety for Privacy?”

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  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Law and Society
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    I was awarded a studentship for my research proposal on connected and autonomous vehicles. Within the research project, I intend to use a comparative socio-legal methodology to expand on the understudied impact of connected and autonomous vehicles travelling between jurisdictions on users’ ability to control their data. This project will focus on exploring the interactions between the automotive industry and regulators in the UK and Ireland, with a particular emphasis on Northern Ireland. The project has two core aims: first, to study regulatory inconsistencies between applicable laws on data in different jurisdictions, by attempting to posit international standards for connected and autonomous vehicles; secondly, to assess the impact of privacy and data protection rights for users when connected and autonomous vehicles travel across borders.