Frida Citlati Jaime Franco: “Critical intercultural education for social transformation through intercultural responsibility in a context of decoloniality and internationalisation”

In Students by General Account

My academic and professional experience in Mexico in the field of education, more specifically related to the internationalisation of teacher training universities and English language training in private and state institutions, has facilitated me to identify some of the educational gaps in practice and research. Studying, being trained, and working for the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico has helped me to identify the necessity of intercultural responsibility within societies linked to the future educators’ educational curriculum as well as its potential risk of banal nationalism. Through the development of my MA in Intercultural Communication and Education at Durham University I have developed an inquisitive perspective to link findings and understand social phenomena with a special interest in the decolonisation of internationalisation practices through Critical Intercultural Pedagogy in teacher training universities, topic that I am planning to conduct my research on during my PhD studies at Durham University.