Evie Heard: “Education in ASEAN: A Children’s Rights Analysis”

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Evie Heard has a background in education and spent 2 years as a primary teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. Evie has a First Class undergraduate degree in Global and International Education from Canterbury Christ Church University and a Masters in Children’s Rights at Queen’s University, Belfast. Evie will continue her PhD studies within the Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s under the supervision of Prof. Laura Lundy and Dr. Bronagh Byrne.

Evie’s PhD will combine her two interests: education and children’s rights. Her research will focus on how children living in Southeast Asia states (ASEAN ) understand and experience their right to education as defined under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the impacts these have on the universality of children’s rights. Evie intends to apply a rights-based participatory approach to her research.

Alongside her studies, Evie has enjoyed seeking opportunities to develop her research skills, including helping to organize the Rights of the Child UK Conference in November 2019, and most recently she has been assisting on the COVID-Under-19 project conducted by Queen’s University, Belfast and Terre des Hommes. This research has reached over 25,000 responses from children and young people across the world and in 27 languages in order to understand their experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic.