Writing Across Boundaries


Dr Thomas Yarrow (Project Lead, Durham University). Tel. 0191 3341624 Email: [email protected]

Dr Cathrine Degnen (Project Lead, Newcastle University) Tel. 0191 2088467 Email [email protected]

Writing Across Boundaries was set up by Bob Simpson and Robin Humphrey as a collaboration between the universities of Durham and Newcastle. It was developed with support from the ESRC via the Researcher Development Initiative.

Writing Across Boundaries forms part of the Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Centre's (NINE DTP) programme for advanced training for doctoral students in the social sciences.

The Writing Across Boundaries project is dedicated to supporting social science researchers, and particularly those using ethnographic methods, who are seeking to engage more effectively with the practical and intellectual issues that arise in the quest to produce texts that are engaging, accurate and analytically insightful.

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