Sarah Metcalfe: “Adolescent construction of gendered identities: the role of sport, school and (social) media”

In Former students by jvnf65


My research focuses on the way in which young people relate to sport and how this can contribute to their own gendered identity. Having previously worked as a secondary PE teacher, I have faced challenges in overcoming gendered stereotypes in relation to sport and participation, yet the way in which gender theories and sport for adolescents are largely under-explored. In my research I utilise a Bourdieusian framework which uses his main concepts of Habitus, Field, Capital, alongside Symbolic Violence, to explore the taken-for-granted beliefs which help construct one’s gendered identity. I have worked on other projects including the publication of “Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals”, produced by the Commonwealth Secretariat. This project links with my interests in sport for development from a personal perspective – I am a trustee and director of a sports charity, The Perfect Day Foundation, which operates in Zambia to promote education through sport to young people.