Niall Robb – “The influence of non-state actors on the outcome of the UK’s EU withdrawal negotiations: The Ireland/Northern Ireland dimension”

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The focus of my work will be on assessing the influence which non-state actors have had on the Brexit process, specifically in the context of the Ireland/Northern Ireland strand of the negotiations. The role of non-state actors is of particular interest given the moth-balled devolved institutions leaving Northern Ireland without a formal voice in the process through formal state actors.
This research will relate to the study of interest-representation in multi-level governance systems, interest group behaviour in the European Union, Northern Ireland and Ireland’s positions in the European Union, and European Union studies more generally.
This project will make a major contribution to understanding the Brexit process with a focus on the Ireland/NI dimension and the role of NSAs operating within NI. It is highly relevant to the wider work being undertaken at Queen’s on Brexit and contributes to the wider scholarship on Brexit.

I have studied at Queen’s throughout my academic career and have worked in a range of public and third sector organisations including for the Northern Ireland Executive Office in Brussels and for an MLA in the Northern Ireland Assembly.