Louise Luxton: “Women’s political parties and their news media representation”

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My research is situated in the triadic relationship of gender, media, and electoral politics. Specifically, the focus of my thesis is women’s political parties and their representation in mainstream news media.
The initial step in my research will be to identify what characterises a ‘women’s political party’ and to construct an analytically robust party typology using both existing party typology literature and a textual analysis of the election manifestos of parties from the last thirty years. Following this I will investigate the use of gendered stereotypes and framings by mainstream media through a content analysis of the newspaper coverage of women’s political parties and their candidates in five European states throughout 2019.
I graduated from Newcastle University with a first-class honours BA Politics in 2018 and a first-class honours MA International Relations in 2019. Throughout my time at Newcastle University I have worked as a Research Assistant, contributing to both quantitative and qualitative research and the writing of several reports concerning the Sustainable Development Goals.