Karel Musilek: “Work as a ‘way of living’: subjectivity and work in co-livings”

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My doctoral research focuses on new discourses of work, entrepreneurship, forms of work related subjectivity, and new organisational forms of work-life integration. I am especially interested in how we form personal attachments to economy in general and work in particular. I am keen on exploring how are these issues developed in social theory and qualitative research.
I am a PhD student in the School of Applied Social Sciences at Durham University. I have completed Certificate in Social Research Methods at Durham University, MSc in Political Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and BA in Political Science and International Relations at Masaryk University. My PhD is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Journal Article:
Katrnak T and Musilek K (2015) The Notion of Social Class in Czech Political Discourse. Czech Sociological Review 51(3): 387–416.

Chapter in book:
Musilek K (2015) Nurturing the Worker’s Self: The Ethic of Authenticity in The Discourse of Professional Self-Development. In: Ivković M, Pudar Daško G, and Prodanović S (eds.), Engaging Foucault, Conferentia, Belgrade: Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, pp. 22–36.

Musilek K (2017b) Work as a “way of living”: subjectivity and work in co-livings. Organisational Behaviour, Theory, and Technology Group Seminar Series York University.
Musilek K (2016) Work as a way of living. Reflecting on co-living as a new development in work-life integration. Work, Employment, and Society Conference: Work in Crisis. University of Leeds.
Musilek K (2014) Nurturing the worker’s self: The ethic of authenticity in the contemporary discourse of professional development. Engaging Foucault Conference. University of Belgrade.