Elisabeth de Vega Alavedra: “Political accountability and corruption: the roles of checks-and-balances mechanisms and clarity of responsibility in government”

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My research focuses on analysing the impact of political accountability mechanism in developed democracies and the consequences of this for political corruption. By combining both qualitative and quantitative methods, my research looks at how political and institutional determinants influence the functioning of accountability mechanisms for curbing corruption in government. Throughout my PhD, I have been a Research Fellow at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a Washington DC-based core institute of the National Endowment for Democracy, working on anti-corruption policies in both developing and developed countries. Additionally, I have worked as a Research Officer at the SGIA PhD Association, and as a Teaching Assistant at the SGIA. During my undergraduate studies in Barcelona (Spain), I worked as Undergraduate Research Assistant at “the Observatory of Coalition Governments in Spain”, and as member of the Law Faculty Board and Senate at University of Barcelona (Spain).