Daniel Whitehouse: “The reproduction of Thai Masculinity”

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My undergraduate studies were in Southeast Asian and Thai studies, University of Leeds. Funded by a scholarship from The Royal Thai Embassy, UK my masters by research (MRES) drew on fieldwork in the north of Thailand to critique some of the detrimental effects of HIV research on academic analyses of Thai masculinity and argue that theoretical discussions of Thai masculinity must incorporate class and hybridity. Some of the findings were published in an article in The International Journal of Thai Studies and included in a presentation at International Conference of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University (2015).

Following my masters study, I and interned at the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime for six months (ESCAP, Bangkok) and then co-hosted a discussion show on a popular national news channel based in Bangkok for two years. I also translated (Thai to English) a best-selling comedy book in Thailand.

My current research is interested in how intergenerational experiences of masculinity and fatherhood intersects with class and education in Bangkok.