Cara Leavey: “Precarious work, precarious health: The impact of precarious employment on young adults’ health and wellbeing in the UK”

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I’m a PhD student in Public Health, with an interdisciplinary background in social policy.

My project focuses on young adults’ experiences of precarious work in the UK and explores how this type of work affects health and wellbeing. In the public health field, there’s a well-established relationship between a person’s work and their health outcomes, with experiences such as unemployment increasing their risk of poor health. Less is known about how precarious forms of work impact on health. Some research suggests that a growing number of jobs are becoming precarious – with young adults disproportionately affected by this change. This project seeks to explore what this therefore means for long-term population health outcomes, applying a mixed methods approach.

I’ve previously worked in a number of policy roles, including most recently at the Health Foundation. I received my BA(Hons) in Culture, Literature and Politics from UEA. I completed an MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE, where I specialised in health inequality.