Dr Baris Ari: ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Government and International Affairs

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NINE DTP Postdoctoral Fellow: 2019-20

Project Description:

Finding a peaceful resolution to civil war is a notoriously hard task, as demonstrated by numerous failed attempts in contemporary conflicts in Syria and Yemen. Although the international community often tries to facilitate conflict resolution through mediation and peacekeeping, only a small minority of peace processes succeed to bring lasting peace. My research investigates factors influencing the likelihood of peaceful termination of civil war. Using statistical analysis and computational simulations, I unravel both impediments and incentives for transitioning from violent conflict to peace. My work draws inspiration from qualitative research and ethnographic studies to build better statistical modelling strategies.

The ESRC Postdoctoral fellowship will allow me to build upon my track record of publications and further consolidate my contributions to academic and stakeholder understandings of the practice of forensic science amidst atrocities. The proposed programme of activities is designed to follow a continuous and iterative process of writing, public engagement, and output in order to support my longer-term academic career advancement.