Dr Elizabeth Agnew: “Sexting, Consent and Young People: Regulatory Challenges in the Digital Age”

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NINE DTP Postdoctoral Fellow: 2019-20

Project Description:

The research project involves interviews with a small specialist group of professionals across the statutory, public and voluntary sectors who work with young people who display harmful sexual behaviour. I will also be conducting focus groups with young people aged 13-17 years inclusive to incorporate their voices within the project and to capture their understanding of consent.A core aspect of the PDF is therefore to seek clarification on how young people understand consent and the relationship between consent and ‘explorative’ and ‘exploitative’ sexting behaviours. Incorporating the voices of professionals and those who have knowledge and experience of the issues (the young people) will provide for more informed regulatory recommendations and proposals, and consequently improve broader welfare provision for children and young people.
For more information relating to my research see:
E.Agnew (2018) ‘Teenage sexting: we’re letting young people down by not talking about it’, The Conversation, Available at:
E.Agnew and A.M. McAlinden (2019), ‘Young People and Harmful Sexual Behaviour,’ QUB Lawpod Episode 44, Available at:

The ESRC Postdoctoral fellowship will allow me to build upon my track record of publications and further consolidate my contributions to academic and stakeholder understandings of the practice of forensic science amidst atrocities. The proposed programme of activities is designed to follow a continuous and iterative process of writing, public engagement, and output in order to support my longer-term academic career advancement.