Damien McIlroy: “Climate breakdown: crisis, capitalism and the challenge of Brexit: An Eco-Socialist perspective on the role of Trade Union agency to promote a just transition in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland”

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My research is aimed at furthering our understanding of the conditions to promote advanced social partnership/movements to successfully implement a ‘Just Transition’. The project has a specific focus on the structural crisis of capitalism, its relationship with climate breakdown and the transformative potential of trade union agency for a place based (city/region) Just Transition, in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The environment is an institutionalised area of co-operation under the Good Friday Agreement and has a potential peace building function for the emergence of an Inter-isles Just Transition process between all the regions of Ireland and Britain. In this regard, overarching consideration also will be given to regional divergence/convergence and the additional layers of complexity, challenge and opportunities posed by Brexit. Ultimately, the project will create a body of work that will significantly strengthen the academic research and intellectual foundation of a Just Transition.  Constructing a new interpretive paradigm for research that can facilitate social leverage and transformation, influencing and impacting upon the inter-isles push for Just Transition and peace in a post carbon future.

Academic Interests: Eco-socialism, Just Transition, Climate Breakdown, Post-Growth Economics, Devolution and Democracy, Trade Unionism and Labour Movements