Ania Gruszczyńska: “Language education for migrants: negotiating linguistic cultural capital in the UK’s changing political climate”

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  • Durham University
  • Education


In my doctoral research, I would like to investigate how the value of minority languages is determined and perceived in response to the changing political climate and migration discourse in the UK. I plan to explore the social processes and practices that operate at a number of socio-spatial scales to shape migrants’ experiences of mobility and resettlement and influence their perceptions of their linguistic cultural capital. Ultimately, I would like this study to result in practical and context-specific recommendations for establishing more inclusive classroom practices in linguistically diverse settings.

Academic background:

BA Geography (2014-17, University of Cambridge)

MPhil Education, Globalisation and International Development (2017-18, University of Cambridge)

I am also the founder and director of Cambridge cLASs, a scholarship competition for high school students.