Ania Gruszczyńska: “Language education for migrants: negotiating linguistic cultural capital in the UK’s changing political climate”

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Anna (Ania) Gruszczyńska – “Feelings and understanding of belonging amongst immigrant-background emerging adults”

My doctoral research focuses on the role of parental cultural heritage in shaping the feelings and understandings of belonging amongst immigrant-background emerging adults. Using collaborative qualitative methods to work with emerging adults from a range of cultural and ethnic background, I aim to paint a broader picture of how heritage, identity, and education intersect in the narratives of belonging in the migration context. I hope to use this knowledge to inform further research on practices and policies that would support immigrant communities, mainstream schools, and individuals in navigating these complex processes of understanding and embracing heritage and identity.

Academic background:
BA Geography (2014-17, University of Cambridge)
MPhil Education, Globalisation and International Development (2017-18, University of Cambridge)

Gruszczyńska, Anna (2019). Maintenance and non-maintenance of community language in immigrant families: the case of Polish parents in the UK. Globalisation, Societies and Education 17(5): 574-592.