Sarah Clowry: “Negotiating the Impasse: Identity and Conflict Mediation in the Middle East”

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I began my PhD, funded by a +3.5 studentship, at Durham University’s School of Government and International Affairs in October 2017. My thesis will examine the dynamics driving and mitigating peace in the Middle East by conducting a comparative study of recent attempts by third parties to mediate the conflicts which arose in Syria and Yemen following the 2011 Arab uprisings. Working within the social constructivist approach to international relations, I will focus in particular on the role played by identity in peacebuilding processes.

Prior to my PhD, I gained three years’ professional experience in international development, two of which were spent based in Nablus, Palestine. During this time, I worked for cultural NGOs, a consultancy firm and within the British Council’s Education and Society department. I hold a First Class BA in Music from the University of Oxford and an MA with Distinction in International Studies from Durham University, and I am proficient in Levantine and Modern Standard Arabic.

I currently serve as the Research Officer for my department’s PhD Association and was previously a member of University College Middle Common Room’s Academic Committee. Between September 2018 – September 2020, I will also be a Cumberland Lodge PhD Scholar.

My thesis is supervised by Dr. May Darwich and Dr. Stefanie Kappler, both of whom are members of the School of Government and International Affairs. My email address is [email protected].