Francesca Speed: “Roles, Responsibilities and Work: The Syrian community in the UK”

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  • Newcastle University
  • Management, Business and Economics


Francesca graduated from the University of London’s Institute in Paris with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French studies in 2013. During her time working and studying in France, she became interested in issues of culture, ethics and gender in the workplace. In order to investigate this further, she decided to come to Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) to complete a Master of Science in International Business Management. She graduated in 2016 with a top distinction and won the school award for best dissertation in her cohort. She is currently working on writing a paper for publication using her dissertation research.

After graduating, Francesca worked for The Angelou Centre, a local charity for Black and Minority Ethnic women. She has also been working as a research assistant at NUBS and is currently working with Dr Tracy Scurry looking into the work identity of doctoral students from the Middle East and North Africa. Alongside her work, she volunteers for the Syrian family community group in collaboration with Gateshead Council and Shipley Art Gallery.

“Specialising in the Middle East and North Africa, I focus on individuals’ work patterns within varying institutional settings. I am particularly interested in the lives of the Syrian community in the UK including evolving work identities, changing gender roles and responsibilities, formal paid and informal unpaid work and experiences of multiagency discourse and action.”