Fran Cavanagh: “Left behind? Investigating the relationship between social exclusion, a proposed triad of populist radical right attitudes and the rejection of perceived out-groups”

In Students by General Account

Social relationships afford a range of sociopsychological benefits, from a sense of meaning to support during stressful times. Social exclusion has, however, been reported to be increasing in the United Kingdom, alongside levels of partisan and intergroup polarisation. This project will go beyond individual differences to identify the ideological positions that most typify the populist radical right in a UK context. It will also employ a series of survey experiments to investigate the effect of social exclusion experience on patterns of rejection of groups and traits commonly emphasised in PRR discourse. As the United Kingdom continues to experience a period of sociopolitical flux, the insights from this project will help provide a greater understanding of the extent and character of social exclusion as a driver of intergroup polarisation and political radicalisation.