Knowledge Exchange

What is knowledge exchange?

Knowledge exchange (KE) is a collaborative, creative endeavour that translates knowledge and research into impact in society and the economy. It covers a wide range of activities, from translating research into new companies, products or processes, through supporting start-ups, to involving students and graduates in applying their skills and engaging with local communities.

What are the aims of knowledge exchange?

The aim of KE is to gain insight on the diverse career pathways beyond academia and discuss the transferable skills needed for successful career management. It provides an opportunity to bring together academic staff, external partners, and students to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise. The KE group will share best practice, knowledge and insights on NINE DTP training, provide guidance for PGR strategy, help lever resources regionally, and maximise the wider impact of the NINE DTP.


Graham Soult – co chair of the Knowledge Exchange Forum within NINE

As the Chair of Durham Business Group and with over 25 years of experience working in both academia and research, Graham will play a crucial role in linking NINE DTP to the regional business community.

Graham has previously sat on the Strategic Partners Forum for NINE DTP and will be working with the consortium to ensure there is a clear strategy and programme of work to engage social science researchers and doctoral students with valuable links into business and industry.

NINE DTP has a clear commitment to ensuring that our PhD graduates have the skills needed to work beyond academia, as well as to work within academia for those who wish to do so. Graham is committed to his role in contributing towards shaping the very best provision for our social scientist’s, in joint leadership with the academic team and those working outside of academia.

Members of the NINE Knowledge Exchange Forum