NI+NE DTP will be awarding in excess of 50 studentships in 2018-19, to support postgraduate studies across our seven Universities in our 16 pathways.

Studentships are awarded via an open competition, and we welcome applications
from all eligible students – find out more below!

Why apply for an ESRC award?

An ESRC Studentship from NI+NE delivers a number of significant benefits.

The award will cover your tuition fees, and provide a tax-free stipend to cover living costs, accommodation, etc. An ESRC studentship offers far more besides, though – students can apply for funded overseas fieldwork and visits, internships, placements, and research support grants. DTP students further receive the advantage of being part of the wider ESRC DTP network, with annual conferences, events, and training courses available throughout the British Isles.

Finally, an ESRC studentship is an internationally recognised sign of excellence, proving that the student he met the exceedingly high standards required to receive funding.

NI+NE DTP students benefit exceptional supervision, with all pathways embedded in departments which have been ranked as being internationally excellent, or world leading. Our training is led by experts in their fields, and students will receive dedicated support to help them take advantage of the additional funding and opportunities that will be available to them.

The Application Process

Thinking about applying for ESRC funding? Let us help you …

YOUR FIRST STEP is to establish a relationship with your prospective department. They will work with you to establish a supervisory team, develop your research proposal, and apply to the University. Once you have started this process, they can let you know whether they will be able to nominate you to a NI+NE DTP Pathway.

For more information about which departments in each University can offer pathways to funding, please refer to the information below.

You should also ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for ESRC funding – please see the section below.

THE NEXT PHASE of the process will be the pathway competition. Your research proposal, details of your qualifications, and details of any collaborative element to your research proposal.

The pathways lead will then evaluate all nominations submitted to the pathway, before making their final decision as to which candidates will be forwarded to the final phase of the competition.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the competition in advance of the Easter vacation.

If you should have any questions, concerns or comments about our process, we would love to hear them – please contact us!


NI+NE DTP provides a number of different award types which allow our students to gain key prerequisite skills and qualifications before commencing their PhD.
Your department will be able to discuss which award type is most suitable for you.

All awards can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.


In order to be eligible for funding, you will need to meet the official ESRC requirements, as specified in their Postgraduate Funding Guidelines.
Please note : eligibility for funding does not also imply you are eligible for a place at the University of your choice, who will have separate eligibility requirements.

Our Pathways

Interdisciplinary Pathways

Collaborative Studentships

Collaboration with external groups, organisations and institutes is a key part of the modern research landscape; it is also a strategic priority for the ESRC.

NI+NE DTP is particularly keen to promote research which involves collaboration with charities, public bodies or private businesses. These collaborations provide rich opportunities for both the student and the partner.

Applications which identify and involve working with collaborative partners are strongly encouraged, particularly those which offer opportunities for beneficial knowledge exchange and research impact.

To discover more about our previous and current collaborative projects, click here.

What do ourStudents Say

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