NINE DTP will be awarding in excess of 50 studentships each year to support postgraduate studies across our seven Universities in our 16 pathways.

All applications for ESRC funding are processed through one of our sixteen Training Pathways, so candidates should familiarise themselves with the Training Pathways. Candidates should discuss their eligibilty to apply to the most appropriate Pathway with their prospective department / supervisor.

Our Pathways

If you are already in contact with a particular department, school, or institution, you should review the following information which details each of the departments in each University which can nominate a student to a training Pathway.

If you have yet to identify a department or pathway, but have a research proposal you would be interested in developing, you should consider which of our Training Pathways your research would align to. From this, you should be able to identify the Universities and departments you need to contact, so that you can begin discussing your application with them.

Interdisciplinary Pathways