Ella Dyer: “Improving care in pregnancy after reproductive loss in women with diabetes: an interdisciplinary exploration of patient experiences and health professional perspectives”

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  • Newcastle University
  • Heatlh, Well-Being and Society
  • e.dyer2@newcastle.ac.uk


My interest in pursuing doctoral-level work in the Health and Social Science field has grown over a period of years. I excelled at University, gaining a First Class Degree in Food and Nutrition. Since graduating, I have developed an interest in diabetes. As widely publicised through the charity Diabetes UK, this complex and life-threatening condition is considered to be the fastest growing health threat of our time and prevalence has more than doubled in the past twenty years, from 1.4 million in 1996 to approximately 3.5 million today.
Women with diabetes have an increased risk of pregnancy ending in miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death, but risks can be reduced with careful pregnancy preparation. There has been a growing awareness and understanding of the bereavement process following reproductive loss, however, specific discussion of planning and preparing for another pregnancy is lacking in existing guidance.

There is currently a gap in understanding of how postnatal bereavement support should consider the context of diabetes and link with support for preparation for a subsequent pregnancy. My research will be used to develop recommendations aimed at improving the provision and co-ordination of services provided after an adverse pregnancy outcome and ultimately improve preparation for future pregnancies.