NINE DTP Covid-19 related Extensions


NINE DTP has been granted permission to to offer extensions to any UKRI-funded student whose research has been impacted by Covid-19 and who is unable to mitigate the impact or adjust their project to complete on time.

The following information provides details around the process, and information as to how current NINE DTP award-holders can seek additional support.

We would ask all candidates considering submitting a case for an extension to recognise that the length of any extension the DTP can grant will need to be justified and based on need once opportunities for mitigation and adaptation have been fully explored.

The provision of extensions will be dependent upon the availability of funding, and the DTP being able to justify an extension based upon the information provided by the candidate and their supervisor.

All current NINE DTP and NEDTC award-holders (including those on grants linked to the DTP) will be eligible to seek a funded extension via the scheme.

This includes any candidate who has previously submitted a case for a funded extension, whether successful or unsuccessful.

Candidates will not be eligible if they have already completed their period of funded study, and no funds can be provided to support students during their continuation period / ‘write-up’ year.

Candidates who have under six monthsof funding left at the time of the announcement of this scheme may submit a case for a funded extension, and should do so as soon as is possible; however, if they have an application in for the Phase 2 funding extension scheme run by their institution, they should notify the DTP of this, and any decision regarding a DTP-funded extension will be taken after the completion of the institutional process.


NINE will consider all cases based on their merit.

Candidates may wish to consider the main criteria identified by the UKRI in the first extension scheme, namely identifying impacts related to:

  1. Data collection / fieldwork
  2. Lack of access, resources
  3. Caring Responsibilities
  4. Wellbeing
  5. Other

In considering your case for an extension, we would ask all award-holders to provide information around the mitigation and adaptation strateiges they have deployed to work to minimise the impact of the pandemic, and to work to complete the PhD in a reasonable time-frame.

When to submit a case for an extension?

Candidates should seek to submit any case for a funded extension between 6-8 months before the end of their period of funded studies (whether full-time or part-time).

The DTP will review the case, and will inform the candidate of the length of extension awarded within two months of the submission of the paperwork (although our intention will be to communicate the outcome within a month as far as is possible).

Please note: any candidate who has also applied to the institution-led extension scheme should complete that process in advance of submitting their case to NINE DTP.

Submit a Case

Award-holders may submit a case for a Covid-related funded extension when 6-8 months away from the end of their period of funded study.

Any award-holder who wishes to submit a case should complete the form which may be downloaded via the link below.

Candidates who have previously applied for a funded extension via the either the DTP or their institution will need to provide additional information in relation to this submission.

Download the Submission Form

UKRI Guidance

The UKRI has a webpage detaiing the support they have sought to provide to funded students during the current pandemic

Review the UKRI guidance here

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