NINE DTP is committed to working with regional and national employers to ensure our training is responding to external priorities and needs, provides opportunities for NINE DTP students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings and enables our research to have a direct impact.

Collaborative Studentships

Each year NINE DTP aims to award at least 15 studentships to students undertaking collaborative research projects with a partner organisation in either the public, private or third sectors.
These projects entail students working collaboratively with external partners during the course of their PhD, undertaking research that directly supports the partner organisation and applying their knowledge and skills beyond the conventional boundaries of academia.
Collaborative studentships (formerly known as CASE awards) can take many forms from jointly-supervised projects to placements.
If you and your organisation are interested in exploring a collaborative research project with NINE DTP please contact us.

  • Connector.

    Tyne Housing Association

    This project explored low-cost and participatory housing solutions in Newcastle. Involving collaboration between the student, xsite architecture, Newcastle City Council (NCC), Tyne Housing Association (THA) and members of the homeless charity Crisis, the aim of the project was to collaboratively produce a housing prototype, entitled PROTOHOME, sited for three months in Newcastle’s Ouseburn area.

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    Bank of England

    This project is exploring whether the UK ‘productivity puzzle’ could be explained, at least in part, by changes in the make-up of UK international trade and aims to explore this to further enhance understanding of the trend rate of growth of productivity. . The collaboration includes access to data sets, facilities, the Bank of England seminar series, and key relevant staff.