Colin Leonard: “Teens and Brexit: A Generational Chasm?”

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  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Sociology, Social Policy & Social Work
  • Description

    I graduated as a mature student from Queens University Belfast with a BA in Sociology in July 2020. My undergraduate dissertation was on ‘Touring Post-Conflict Belfast: Questioning the ‘Authentic’ Gaze’. I was able to conduct three semi-structured ‘walk and talk’ interviews before the Covid-19 crisis with tour guides who were involved in the ‘troubles’ and were former political prisoners who served time and have since been released under the Good Friday Agreement.

    My PhD research will focus on teenagers’ attitudes to Brexit and will adopt a largely qualitative methodological approach which will locate Brexit as a generational issue and a generational framework will be employed to discuss and analyse the findings. The research will be structured around four core research questions/themes:

    – Teenagers’ attitudes to the right to vote
    – Teenagers’ attitudes to the decisions of adults to vote for Brexit
    – Teenagers’ attitudes to the impact of Brexit on the traditional nationalist/unionist political framework of Northern Ireland
    – Teenagers’ attitudes to a future united Ireland.

    I intend to conduct the research in secondary schools using focus group interviews to explore these attitudes with teenagers.